1. 学员报名表格上的个人资料将会被永久保存,或直到您撤回同意权为止。

2. 禅易玄学院(ZMA)与附属公司所收取的资料只局限于用在进行课程/活动时所需的层面,资料将会被保密。

3. ZMA与附属公司致力于在维护个人资料的机密性。

4. 未经申请人同意,ZMA与附属公司并承诺不会透露申请者的资料与任何第三方/机构。

5. 报名表格与报名费必须在开课两周前以下列方式提交到ZMA。

6. 报名方式:网上表格,报名表格(至本学院处提交)。

7. 付款方式:

  • 支票付款,应支付方为“Zen Metaphysics Arts Pte. Ltd.”。
  • 通过网上银行付款,请转款到 “OCBC CURRENT ACCOUNT 684071079001”。
  • 通过 PayNow, 请往下扫描以下QR码。

8. 付款条规:

  • 所有付款不得退还,也不得换取其他课程。
  • 在账单打印错误的情况下,本公司有权索取正确的款项。
  • 任何定金是不许退还的。
  • 在班上定下的课程价钱不可更改,所有学员应当支付所定的价钱。缴费的过程中若于定价有任何偏差,学员需支付其余的学费,报了名后, 任何无理缺席,会被视为退出, 课程学费决不能退换。
  • 如有任何课程的更动,学费绝不退还,但我们将会在开课日期的两个月前通过简讯或邮件通知。

9. 课程撤回延期/退学的请求:

  • 退出课程,课程学费绝不退款。
  • 任何出席课程的更改,必须在课程前2周发电邮到 [email protected]
  • 所有请求都将受到认可,不然会索取100新元。

如需进一步咨询,请电邮至 :[email protected]


Terms & Conditions

1. The personal information collected on this form is for the use of course registration, account servicing of course-related activities, course survey.

2. Zen Metaphysics Arts (ZMA) and its subsidiary is committed on maintaining the confidentiality of the personal information and undertakes not to reveal applicant’s information to any 3rd parties and programme partners without prior consent of the applicant.

3. The registration form and payment must be submitted to ZMA, at least 2 weeks before course commencement.

4. Payment Mode:

  • For payment by cheque, it shall be made payable to “Zen Metaphysics Arts Pte Ltd”.
  • For payment via internet banking, please transfer to “OCBC CURRENT ACCOUNT 684071079001
  • For payment via PayNow, please scan below code.

5. Trainee is to select the correct and suitable language medium of the course (if any) during registration.  ZMA will not be liable for any failures due to registering the incorrect language medium.

6. The course schedule selected is subjected to confirmation.  ZMA reserves the rights to withdraw or re-schedule the class without prior notice.

7. Any deposit paid to ZMA will not be refunded

8. Any cancellations from ZMA (if any), course fees will not be refunded. We will reschedule another date for the course.

9. Request of Deferment / Withdrawal of Courses

  • For withdrawal of courses, no refund will be granted
  • For deferment of courses, a written notice must be submit to [email protected], and received by ZMA 2 weeks before course commencement.
  • All requests will be subjected to approval.  An administrative charge will be imposed for all approved deferment of courses based on case by case basis. If approved, there will be an administrative charge of SGD100.00

For further information, please email us:  [email protected]

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