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Grand Master Jimmiey Chia




为了进一步对佛理,易经和宇宙万物的理论深一层的認知,决定短期出家並深研佛理与禅修,还学习了藏传占卜,祈福消灾仪轨与藏地风水。 2007年跟隨黄鉴老师以函授的方式学习易理(预测,時空风水等),2013年跟隨黄有易老师学习易经時空学系列。



Master Jimmiey Chia was born into a family of Feng Shui Masters, from a young age he followed his father and elders footsteps in the art of Taoist Feng Shui, mastering the Yin and Yang of the 5 Elements, 8 Trigrams and specialized in Bazi.

In order to further understand Buddhism, Yijing and the universe, Jimmiey decided to be a monk for short period of time in search for enlightenment in Buddhism through meditation. He travelled to Tibet and managed to acquire the knowledge of Tibetan divination, praying for disaster relief ad Tibetan Feng Shui. Jimmiey enhanced his arts, with the guidance of Master Huang Jian “Prediction”, “Space Time Feng Shui”, etc and Master Huang Youyi’s Yijing Time and Space series.

Master Jimmiey is the Founder and Head Consultant of Zen Metaphysics Arts Pte Ltd. He is proficient in Yijing and incorporates Bazi study, Feng Shui and accurate predictions thus created a unique framework, “Time Space Success Series” . It is mainly divided into “Decoding Life (Bazi)”, “Time and Space Divination (Prediction)” and “House Story (Environmental Feng Shui)”.

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